Install our tracking code

Take five minutes out of your day to install our small code snippet. You only need to do this once.

The magic begins

Relevend starts to identify your visitors and qualify leads immediately after you install our code snippet.

Get reports delivered

Get customised reports sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. You can log in anytime and easily find and export leads on-demand.

Automated lead generation

Increase sales with a constant stream of new business leads and get valuable insigts into what your existing customers and partners are looking for.

Exact visitor paths

See the exact path each company took on every visit, page by page and down to the second. Quickly identify the products or services your visitors have showed interest in.

Scheduled reports

Your team members receive leads directly in their inbox. Distribute leads to sales reps based on location, viewed products, lead score and much more.

Lead segmentation

Apply labels for segmentation and real-time filtering. You can for instance mark leads for follow up, tag existing customers or assign leads to teams or team members.

Channel attribution

Relevend shows you the source of every visit and, when available, which keywords your visitors used to find your website through search engines.

Privacy matters

Relevend is fully compliant with the European privacy laws.

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